A labour of love

Founded in 2019 by Hannah, BONNIE BOMBS & SOAP BARS is a home-grown business that prioritizes premium quality, sustainability, and environmental friendliness. Their products are crafted exclusively with natural ingredients, making them an ideal option for eco-conscious consumers.

In 2019, during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I took it upon myself to assist hospitals, local care homes, and the elderly by creating handmade soaps. This initiative stemmed from a desire to contribute to the well-being of others during a challenging time. As I continued this endeavor, I discovered a genuine enjoyment in providing individuals with unique, handcrafted products that are beneficial for their health.

With a preexisting passion for handmade items and a diploma in soap making & aromatherapy, I made the deliberate decision to pursue my "hobby" and gradually establish a business. Contrary to popular practice, I opted against promoting my business on social media platforms and instead focused on building it through word-of-mouth recommendations, repeat customers, and individuals who genuinely appreciate my products. This approach has allowed me to cultivate a loyal clientele base and maintain a genuine connection with those who share a love for what I offer.


Welcome to our non-social media-based business. Unlike other companies, we don't rely on social media for recommendations. Instead, we prioritize endorsements from industry experts and influencers who have firsthand experience with our services and products. Rest assured, our service is highly reliable and trustworthy, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience. Our products are meticulously designed to be loved for their exceptional quality and convenience. We encourage you to enjoy our products for all the right reasons and reap the benefits of our carefully crafted solutions. Trust in us to provide you with the best.

A little about our ingredients & packaging

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We meticulously select only the highest quality ingredients for our products, striving to source them locally whenever possible. Rest assured, our products are certified and rigorously tested by chartered chemists to ensure their safety and efficacy. Unlike many others, our coloring is not derived from micas. Instead, we use water-based or naturally derived colorants. For instance, our beetroot bath bomb obtains its vibrant hue from beetroot powder. We take pride in our efforts to reduce plastic waste, currently achieving a commendable 90% plastic-free status. While we strive for complete plastic-free packaging, we face challenges in finding sustainable options that maintain the hygienic integrity of our bath bombs. We continue to explore solutions to this issue.

Our products are meticulously packed in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging. We take pride in using natural kraft paper for gift wrap, ensuring that every present is beautifully presented while minimizing our environmental impact. Additionally, our postal packaging is crafted from eco foam derived from cornstarch, which dissolves easily in water, leaving no harmful residue behind. Furthermore, we have made a conscious effort to incorporate reusable packaging or refillable options for most of our products. For instance, our toilet fizzers can be conveniently refilled using our refill packs, allowing you to maintain the same packaging while reducing waste. We encourage you to embrace these sustainable practices and join us in our commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.

Pre-made products? Absolutely not!

Why settle for something mass-produced when you can have the real deal?


Bonnie Bombs & Soap Bars is a Scottish Highland based cosmetics manufacturing business. We specialize in supplying a wide range of handmade products including Bath Bombs, Shower steamers, Candles, Soaps, and more. Our products are not only Vegan-friendly but also suitable for children over 3 years of age. We take pride in our commitment to safety and hold valid Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR's) which allow us to manufacture and sell our goods to businesses in the UK and the EU. If you are looking for high-quality cosmetics for your retail store, multi-channel e-commerce platform, or small home-based business, we are here to meet your needs.


Need to get in touch?

Please use the contact box below to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries. We are committed to providing prompt and helpful responses. Thank you for considering our contact box as a convenient means of communication.