We Have Teamed Up With Astris & Green For This Years Christmas Appeal

About Astris &  Green 

Astris and Green started in 2020 but has been a dream for 2 years. 

Astris & Green started there eco-conscious journey about 4 years ago, when, like many of us, the reality of the environmental impact we all have became too much to ignore.

Astris & greens journey was filled with successes and failures as they searched for ways to reduce my own footprint on our planet.  

Big believers that every positive change makes a big difference, no matter how small it seems, and that we should all embrace each others efforts to be kinder to the environment in any way we can.

So from there own swaps, changes and understanding of how we can become more earth friendly - Astris and Green was born - trying to there everyday changes simpler and more accessible so we can all be ourselves but a little more eco.


Bonnie bombs and soap bars have also teamed up with Astris & Green for this years Christmas appeal for bags of blessings.

We are already donating our products to bags of blessings, not only that astris and green are selling our products at under 25% less than retail every products brought from astris and greens donation page will go to bags of blessing to help with the christmas struggles.

if you would like to do your bit and help a worthy charity please follow this link,

you will find a few of our products on there too.

Bags of Blessings Donations – Astris and Green



Thank you for your support.